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High Five Art is an exhibition space and art gallery with a special focus on textile art. Up-and-coming and experienced artists can exhibit in our art space and you can visit us for interesting exhibitions.

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Are you interested in amazing (textile) art of emerging and experienced artists? At High Five Art, we have new exhibitions waiting for you every few months. We try to be an art gallery for everyone, so you don’t need to be a connoisseur!

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From the 1st of november 2020 we do not take inquiries about possible exhibitions from artists. The reason is that we have planned exhibitions for several years ahead with a variety of artists from The Netherlands and abroad.



Now: Visual Poetry – the art of Cherilyn Martin  8th of May -19th of June 2022

                   Special opening: Pentecost-weekend on saturday, sunday and monday: 13.00-17.00 hrs.

flyer cherilynmartin lg versie

Statement Cherilyn Martin               


In recent years Cherilyn’s  work has become more introspective.                                   
Previously known for her richly embroidered pieces and experimental use of techniques and materials, Cherilyn has chosen to follow a more minimalistic approach.
She now uses recycled paper and old/antique textiles in order to give new life to these discarded materials. 
Materials which contain memory and history of their own and which have their own stories to tell.                                                                                   
She selects poignant texts to bring into sharp relief the themes that underpin her work; strung together in a deliberate visual game to present a challenge to the viewer.  
Concepts such as loss, commemoration and emotion strengthen her autonomous  art work                                                                                                                                               
Her colour palette is subdued and combined with meditative ‘slow stitching’ an intimacy is created between the object, the viewer and the maker. 






Directions to travel to the Gallery: 

by car from Rotterdam: A16, A58 to direction Tilburg , exit 14 to N639 Chaam/Baarle-Nassau. The Gallery is in the village on the N639 (Bredaseweg) on your left side. Watch for the signs outside the Gallery.

by car from Amsterdam/Utrecht: A2, A27, A58 to direction Antwerp, exit 14 tot N639 Chaam/Baarle-Nassau further same as above.

By Bus: from Trainstation Breda and Trainstation Tilburg: take bus 132.  There bus drives through the street. Busstop Hoogbraak.