Past Exhibitions

Wim Klouth - Schilderijen - “Life is wonderful” 7 mei t/m 18 juni 2017

A new exposition from gallery High Five Art shows an overview of this older, but still very vital painter.

You can also see his recent work here.

Wim Klouth’s work is figurative, sometimes with a wonderful approach.

Come see these original paintings with their special use of colour.

The characteristic palette and the scratch-and-scrape technique of the artist forms, as it were, the “handwriting” of Wim Klouth’s paintings.

Color shapes my life

Helda Klouth creates special textile objects, sometimes abstract, sometimes figurative. The pieces that spring from her imagination reflect her interest in nature, the subtlety of movement and the repetitive structure of lines.

In the past 20 years, this has led to a body of work that evokes spontaneous enthusiastic responses from the public. The special colour schemes are a common theme running throughout her work and are always the foundation on which she shapes her work.

It can justifiably be said that the motto of this first exhibition of Helda Klouth’s Textile Objects is the representation of her drive to make beautiful things: “Color shapes my life”.

Ria Fortuijn Textile collages - Iceland on my way, until 17/04/2017

A new exhibition from up-and-coming art gallery High Five Art presents new and existing work created by textile artist Ria Fortuijn, famous in her field.

Ria Fortuijn expresses, in an extraordinary manner, themes that inspire her to create colourful and accessible artwork. For this particular exhibition, she created several new works influenced by her journey to Iceland.

Besides these works, some of her other recent pieces will be displayed as well.